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National Grant program for Culture and Creativity
National Grant Program for Culture and Creativity
Terms and Conditions
Prior to proceeding with the application, we encourage applicants to carefully read the below terms and conditions:

1. The applicant must be a UAE citizen or children of Emirati mothers and have academic qualifications or a record of achievements in the fields of cultural and creativity.
2. The applicant must not be less than 18 years old, unless they have exceptional achievements and talents within the cultural and creative fields.
3. The applicant must own the intellectual property rights of the project.
4. The applicant must adhere to the program's objectives and ensure the proposed project/opportunity demonstrates professionalism and quality within the cultural and creative fields.
5. The applicant is committed to being transparent while providing all the requirements and supportive documents, specifying the detailed timeline for the project/opportunity.
6. The Ministry of Culture has the right to determine the approved grant for each project, as it deems appropriate.
7. The Ministry of Culture has the right to exclude any application that does not meet the required criteria or for any other reasons that conflict with the tendency of the project.
8. The applicant must obtain all necessary permits or licenses to implement the project.
9. Selected grant recipients must complete their projects within one year of receiving the grant
10. The applicant must commit to providing all correct data and attachments and bear the responsibility in the event that the data provided is incorrect.
11. The applicant’s project must adhere to UAE traditions, customs, and laws
I have read, understood, and agree with the above terms and conditions.
Project Title or Participation Name *
Project Outcome *
Field (Please mention only one field) *

Grant category *
An overview of Grant category

  • Creation & Production: The Creation and Production grant aims to finance the production of original artistic and creative works.
  • Promotion and Local Participations​: The Promotion & Local Participations Grant aims to support promotional costs of completed creative projects such as marketing campaign costs, social media promotional content, website development, or costs of participating in local opportunities/events such as for stands. ​
  • Capacity Development: The Capacity Development Grant aims to support the professional development of creatives through upskilling to foster talent and hone their craft
  • International Travel and Mobility: The International Travel and Mobility grant will support creatives to participate in events and opportunities by funding costs of travel, accommodation, and participation costs to represent the UAE on global platforms
Provide a detailed description of the project that includes the following: * (up to 600 words)
Project Objectives
Project Timeline including start - end date, and location of project
Who is the main audience for this project?
What makes this project different?
Why did you choose this project and how it will support your career?
Provide a detailed description of the outcome and impact the project will deliver, and how the project will contribute to the cultural and creative sector in the UAE? (up to 200 words) *
Who are the key collaborators involved in the project (if any), define their role and describe how you will approach them? (up to 300 words)
Provide an overview of the project’s marketing and PR plan? (up to 200 words) *
List any assumptions, risks and concerns with regards to the project and how will you tackle them? (up to 200 words) *
Does the project contribute to or raise awareness about any of the Sustainable Development Goals? *
Grant Categories Grant amount
Creation and Production Up to 100,000 AED
Promotion and Local Participations​ Up to 80,000 AED
Capacity Development Up to 50,000 AED
International Travel and Mobility Up to 50,000 AED
Requested Grant amount (The amount requested must fall within the grant category limit) *
Provide an overview about how the requested grant amount will be utilized *
Will the financial support requested from MOY cover the total or a partial cost in the project? *
If the grant does not cover the total cost of the project, declare any other sources of funding from other organizations/individuals (supported by evidences)

List the main project activities and achievements for each phase along with expected cost 
1. Operational and production expenses related to the program, for example (rental of equipment, copyright, editing, ...)
2. Promotion and communication expenses (e.g. (advertising, design, website ...)
3. Artist's fees (especially for participation in film festivals, music festivals..)
4. Personal expenses (transportation, snacks, ...)

Project Activity *
Outputs/achievements *
Completion date *
Cost *
Upload Personal Documents
CV (includes all applicant achievements) *
Portfolio (optional)
Passport *
Emirates ID *
Personal Photo *
Upload Project Documents
Please ensure to provide all the required files listed below for your selected category:

  • Proof of invite or acceptance to participate in event or opportunity
  • Proof of nomination or award being accepted
  • Invite to showcase work at event
  • Invoices or estimates of costs of travel/transport
  • Required permits and approvals necessary to showcase their project within the participation opportunity
Please ensure to provide all the required files listed below for your selected category:

(The below are a sample list of supporting documents required but this will vary depending on the creative field requested: )
  • Director’s brief
  • Prototypes, examples
  • Synopsis (summary of project)
  • Storyboards (frame-by-frame of project)
  • Script
  • Mood board or shot list (style, aesthetics, or planned shots for project)
  • Scope of project (production, budget, location, identified cast)
  • Production budget breakdown
  • Equipment list
  • Trailer (if available) 
Please ensure to provide all the required files listed below for your selected category:

  • Overall project concept
  • Clearly detailed project distribution and execution plan
  • Identify collaborators/supporters and their roles in implementation of project
  • Marketing and PR plan
  • Obtain required approvals and permits to distribute or deliver project or participation approval
Please ensure to provide all the required files listed below for your selected category:

  • Program overview
  • Proof of Acceptance into academic program or opportunity
  • Proof of costs of program
Upload any additional required documents based on the selected grant category (please ensure to attach the proper documents requested as applications will be scored based on the completion of submitting such documents) *
It is prohibited to include links to temporary download programs such as WeTransfer or links that contain a password for access or require authorization to access the file.


This is required
Upload videos that describe your project/opportunity if available (files can be submitted through private links on Dropbox, Vimeo, and YouTube…)

Recognition received for your past/current contribution to the sector (i.e. awards, newspaper articles, magazine features) if available

Upload any permits, approvals, acceptances related to your project/opportunity
i.e. Script approval, Official invite letters,  Acceptance letters, etc

Upload letters of support from key stakeholders/collaborators (if available)

Upload any other relevant links that may be vital for the grant assessment team

I confirm that all the information I have provided in my application is true.
I confirm that I have provided all the supporting documents required according to the grant category applied for.
I confirm that my project abides by UAE laws, traditions, and customs.
I confirm that I have already submitted the survey. (Kindly click on this link to complete the survey).

The above attachments cannot be saved as a draft at the final stage, please only click Submit once your application is ready to be shared with the evaluation team.

In case of any inquiries, please send an email to: